12 Rules For Life by Jordan Peterson > Book Summary

  • Book Name - 12 Rules For Life
  • Book Author - Jordan Peterson

 Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. He went viral after he supposedly criticised legislation in Canada regarding the use of transgender pronouns. Although he's got a bunch of social justice warriors chasing him with pitchforks, millions have been inspired by his enthusiasm and unique outlook on life. His most recent book, "12 Rules For Life", quickly became the number one best selling book on Amazon this year. In this article, I will write on stories from both my life and Peterson's to illustrate what the 12 rules are, so be sure to read the article to the end.

Rule one: Stand straight with your shoulders back. It will change how yourself and other people perceive you on a neural level. You'll be more likely to attract a mate, find it easier to pay attention to subtle social cues, and be treated by people differently. You have more confidence and fill your brain with healthy levels of serotonin. On the contrary, a slumpy posture will render you more likely to abuse drugs. You have less zest for life. And you increase the likelihood of getting heart disease, cancer, and dementia.

Rule two: Treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping. Take this scenario, 100 sick people are prescribed a drug. One third won't fill the prescription. And the rest will fill it, but will take it incorrectly. Now, imagine it's not you who are sick, but your dog, Scruffy. You take Scruffy to the vet, and the vet gives you a prescription. What's bizarre here is that most of you have every reason to distrust a vet as much as you do a doctor, yet you are fulfilling a prescription for your pet. It seems we take more care for our pets than ourselves. Ultimately, what I got from Peterson was to establish your values in the direction you are heading in order to treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping. This can be difficult, but it's 10 times better to have a rough idea of your values and direction than nothing at all.

Rule three: Make friends with people who want the best for you. Most people have loser friends. Let's be real. Friends they just hang out with because they're roommates, they went to school together, or they enjoy smoking weed. Does this sound like you? If so, it's time to do an audit. Who in your friendship circle is actually pushing you to be a better person? Who makes you smile when you are around them? If none of your friends fit this criteria, you should seriously reconsider who you are hanging around.

Rule four : is Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today. My friend and I both had Website. We were both putting tremendous of into our website, but hers just wouldn't grow, but mine would. She'd always say she was proud of me, but then follow it up with a dim face, telling me how jealous she was of my success. You've probably found yourself in a similar situation. This would go on and on. And 'til this day, she remains where she is. And I say this at the risk of sounding like a condescending twat. But the reality is, if she continues to compare herself to others, she will continually be frustrated. What I found helps is just realising that there will always be someone doing better than you. So why on Earth would you waste your time comparing yourself?

Rule five: Do not let your children do anything that makes you dislike them. Peterson outlines parenting rules in this chapter, but, to be honest, I was more interested in the discussion about whether you should hit your misbehaving child. Picture this, you walk into your living room and see little boy Jimmy prodding a fork into the electrical socket. You shout, "Jimmy, stop that!" He doesn't stop. "Jimmy, stop that right now." He doesn't stop. So what do you do? Well, the answer is simple according to Peterson, whatever will spot it fastest, within reason. Because the alternative could be fatal, in this scenario, a slap in the face may be justified, if that's what it takes. What do you think? Comment your thoughts below.

Rule six: Set your house in perfect order before you criticise the world. Nihilism, you know, the belief that everything is fundamentally meaningless. Now, I struggled immensely with this last year, to the point of stuffing myself with seven Mars bars a day and abusing an opiate-like substance called kratom. I saw absolutely no reason for this website to exist, let alone for myself and the world to exist. It was too much to bear. But thankfully, I made it out. And now I see the six months of existential anguish as one of the best things that has ever happened to me. So before we criticise the world, Peterson suggests you start to stop doing what you know to be wrong.

Rule seven: Pursue what is meaningful, not what is expedient. Pursue pleasure, lie, cheat, steal, deceive, manipulate, but don't get caught. In an ultimately meaningless universe, what possible difference could it make? That's what it means to be expedient. And to this, Peterson is opposed. He arrives at this conclusion based on a lengthy analysis of the works of Dostoevsky, Nietzsche, The Bible, mass shootings, and more. There may be no inherent meaning for your existence, but you can make your own.

Rule eight: Tell the truth, or at least, don't lie. Picture this: You are a medical student, and you walk into a hospital with your instructor, along with eight other students. You are here on an expedition. You pass the mental health ward. And, as you do, a schizophrenic patient approaches. In a childlike manner, she asks you, "Why are you all standing here?" "What are you doing?" "Can I come along with you?" So what do you say? Nobody wanted to say anything that may have come across as a rejection to a potentially volatile and already hurt patient. But nobody wanted to say yes either. Peterson faced this exact scenario, and he ended up telling the truth. He said that we're new students training to be psychologists, and she couldn't join for that reason. She looked hurt, but only for a moment. She understood and moved on. That's not to say that all situations in life will pan out like this, but the point is that dishonesty will always come back to bite you. So tell the truth, or at least, don't lie.

Rule nine: Assume that the person you are listening to might know something you don't. You'd be surprised what you can learn by shutting up and truly listening.

Rule 10: Be precise in your speech. You wake up in pain. You might be dying slowly of a horrible disease. You refuse to tell your doctor about your pain, so what you have is unknowing. You could have a stroke, heart disease, and lung cancer all at the same time. Who knows? But, if you talk to your doctor, all those terrible possible diseases will dissipate, likely into one disease or perhaps even nothing. But you'd only know this if you were precise in your speech, which is telling your doctor in this case. For me, this lesson is most effectively applied by writing your thoughts on paper, especially when it's about something that is bothering you, such as an issue in your intimate relationship.

Rule 11: Do not bother children when they are skateboarding. I believe the following quote sums up this rule perfectly. "When the boys were spinning donuts, they were also testing the limits of their cars, their ability as drivers, and their capacity for control in an out-of-control situation." "When they told off the teachers, they were pushing against authority to see if there was any real authority there, the kind that could be relied on in principle in a crisis." "When they quit school, they went to work as rig roughnecks, when it was 40 bloody degrees below zero." "It wasn't weakness that propelled so many out of the classroom, where a better future arguably awaited." "It was strength."

And the final Rule 12: Pet a cat when you encounter one on the street. Ginger is a cat that lives across the street from Peterson. Ginger waltzes across the road to play with Peterson's dog, Sikko. Peterson pats Ginger. Now it's moments like these that give the bad days a little extra light. Small opportunities like this may confront you from time to time, but only if you pay careful attention. Don't be afraid to go out of your own way and indulge in these pockets of light to give yourself a break from the absurdity of existence.



How to Be a Stoic_ 12 Practical Exercises > Book Summary

  • Book Name - How to Be a Stoic
  • Book Author - Massimo Pigliucci

12 practical stoic exercises that embody the ideas presented in How to Be a Stoic by Massimo Pigliucci.If you execute on just a few of these, you'll find yourself feeling less miserable.

The first exercise (Exercise 1) is to examine your impressions. Evaluate your initial reactions to events, people what you are told by taking a step back to be rational before your knee jerk, over emotional reactions cause unnecessary troubles. Ask that whatever is being thrown at you is under your control or not. If it is, then act on it, if it isn't, then chill out. When I led in Australia after my trip from Thail last year, I left my phone in the airport bathroom. When I realised five minutes later went to check if it was there, it was gone. Instead of freaking out feeling like crap, I accepted the situation for what it was, went asked the security desk to see if they had it made every effort to find it, but there came a point shortly after where I had to accept that I had lost it. I went on with my day like nothing happened ordered a new one when I got home.

The second exercise (Exercise 2) is to remind yourself of the impermanence of things.This year my girlfriend I broke I lost my mother, part of the reason I've been able to hold myself together is because of this lesson, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy every moment leading up to the loss of someone or something. To me it's a much healthier way of living, because I don't get any nasty surprises.

The third exercise (Exercise 3) is the reverse clause. Whenever planning an action, mentally rehearse what the plan entails. A night out to the movies could involve obnoxious people who talk loudly are so chained to their phones that they have to check their messages every seven seconds, an act which is accompanied by a devastating stream of light that unwilling diverts your attention from the theatre screen. By mentally rehearsing a scenario like this one, you prime yourself to be in line with how the world works in therefore less agitated than the average Joe who expects that everything will go well.

The fourth exercise (Exercise 4), we should be asking ourselves how can I use virtue here now. This is an ancient way of saying that every challenge in life is a perfectly good chance to work on self improvement. I remember getting stred on my motorbike in Thail at 1 AM in the morning, I had a flaty. Instead of getting pissed off about it, I took it as an opportunity to accept what had just happened as a learning experience. Five minutes later two Thai guys pulled over towed me my bike back to my place whilst we had a few laughs. The obstacle is the way.

Exercise 5, pause take a deep breath. A quote from Epictetus, remember it is not enough to be hit or insulted to be harmed, you must believe that you are being harmed, if someone succeeds in provoking you, realise that your mind is complicit in the provocation. That's why taking a deep breath before you respond impulsively can do you wonders.

Exercise 6, other-ize. When we break a glass, oh shhhh, damn! But when a friend breaks a glass, we are like, meh, it happens, but isn't that only reasonable then that when we break a glass of our own, that we react in the same patient spirit? Another way we can use this lesson is that if we see someone else seemingly over-reacting to a situation, if we put ourselves in their shoes, there is a good chance we would react the same way unless we are well versed in stoic practises such as this one.

Exercise 7, speak little well. Epictetus expresses his fondness of intellectual discussion as opposed to fundamentally empty matters like who slept with who Miley Cyrus's choice twerks. If you are chatty extrovert who just likes to talk for the sake of it, then I don't believe you should force yourself to be someone you are not, but what you should take away from this lesson is to simply be conscious of how what you say how much effects yourself others. So if you are chatting to someone for 15 minutes about how your cat likes to nibble on your toe nails every morning at 6 AM they show signs of disinterest, then I'd suggest you consider changing the topic, listening to what they have to say, or bringing the conversation to an end.

Exercise 8, choose your company well. As you've probably heard, you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Good company to the stoics means those who are interested in following virtue improving themselves.

Exercise 9, respond to insults with humour. Back in high school I had this skin condition called eczema where I'd get red, flaky skin on my hs this guy used to throw out snarky comments about it. I just responded by adding to his snarky comment, yeah this shit's out of control! And I followed it up with a hearty laugh. The dude had no idea how to respond we actually ended up getting along by the end of high school.

Exercise 10, don't speak much about yourself. Epictetus is delivering the goods once again. Just because you enjoy recounting your exploits doesn't mean the others derive the same pleasure from hearing about them. Yeah thanks Epictetus.

Exercise 11, speak without judging. If Jimmy downs a lot of wine, don't tell him he has a drinking problem, tell him he drinks a lot. Until you know Jimmy's reasons, how do you know his actions are bad ones, always state the situation rather than making conclusions.

Now for the last exercise ( Exercise 12), reflect on your day. What good did you do today? What could have you done better? Seneca suggests we do this in the evening before hopping in bed because bed can make you feel groggy lose concentration. I hope you enjoyed the Article And Also drop a comment below to share an experience where you've used one of these stoic lessons in your own life.



Sex God Method by Daniel Rose > Book Summary

  • Book Name - Sex God Method
  • Book Author - Daniel Rose

When’s the last time a woman thanked you for giving her a mind-blowing orgasm? 99% of women will only ever experience average or below average sex. And whether you like it or not, 90% of having amazing sex is the man’s responsibility and 10% a woman’s. Sex God Method by Daniel Rose was written to wake us men up to the fact that most of us perform poorly in the bedroom and we are missing out on cultivating one of the most incredible life experiences. Religion, society, parents, feminism, ignorance and other influences have put ideas into your head that lead to poor performance in the bedroom By reading this article to the end, you will learn the key ideas of Sex God Method that you can use to break free from your sexual insecurities and give a girl multiple mind-blowing orgasms that will leave her begging you for more…

First lets learn about the 5 sexual archetypes. Try to identify which one you are.

ARCHETYPE 1: The Perpetual Lovemaker The most popular archetype in the world. The beta provider. The nice guy. He doesn’t take risks and is not the man a woman fantasizes about. He doesn’t “fuck” a woman, he “makes love” to her. When trying something new in bed he won’t just do it, he will ask for permission. His women are sexually unsatisfied which often results in arguing, withholding sex, neuroticism, and cheating.

ARCHETYPE 2: The Emotionless Robot The non-reactive guy who is able to pick up chicks but when it comes to sex, he brings his non-reactivity and emotionlessness with him which makes for a platonic, passionless sexual experience. He is afraid to open himself up emotionally to a woman.

ARCHETYPE 3: The Monotonous Plodder He will have great sex multiple times with a girl and she will develop strong emotions for him. Once he is in a relationship with her and the honeymoon period is over, the sex goes down hill. The woman loses interest and breaks up with him because he did not add any variety in the sexual relationship.

ARCHETYPE 4: The Bedroom Technician He frequents online forums to share his dope new ways to hit her G-spot. For him sex is all about angles, inches, and positions. He thinks too much and forgets that psychological stimulation is much more important than physical stimulation. All of these archetypes suck in comparison to the

Archetype 5: The Sex God.

It’s time to learn the 4 principles of amazing sex so you can achieve sex god status.

PRINCIPLE 1: Dominance Stop being a pussy. Lead. It’s mostly your responsibility for cultivating an amazing sexual experience with your woman. Stop asking for permission for every little move and just do shit. Throw her in the position you want her, tug her hair, choke her, spank her. Women want to be dominated. They want to surrender to you. Now of course, don’t be stupid about it. A hard no is a hard no. And it’s not a bad idea to setup a clause where if the woman says a certain word, then you know when to discontinue your actions.

PRINCIPLE 2: Emotion You know that women experience emotion stronger than men. There is a reason women love drama. It stimulates them. They love to FEEL things. That’s what the world’s top pickup artists know. They stimulate her emotions and it drives her wild. Stimulate her emotions in the bedroom by leading, dirty talking, role-playing, and being spontaneous. For women, psychological and emotional stimulation is much more important than physical stimulation.

PRINCIPLE 3: Variety Change things up. Fuck spontaneously in an alley. Throw her on the kitchen bench. Make her give you a blow-job during your lunch-break at work. Do slow sex the first time, rough sex the next. The key is to never get into a pattern where she knows what is coming next.

PRINCIPLE 4: Immersion Often technical thoughts will enter your mind and interrupt your ability to fully let go. Let go of your mental chatter so you can be in the moment. Emotions leads to better stamina and a richer experience. Meditation can help you cultivate the ability to let go. It can also be helpful to let go of the expectations that you MUST make either yourself or her orgasm.

And finally The Continuously Orgasmic State Putting a woman into this state is the mark of a sex god. When she is in this state, she experiences multiple orgasms that merge into a continuous blurry stream of pure ecstasy. You can get her into this state by applying the lessons in this post.

Today we learnt about: The 4 Archetypes: The Perpetual Lovemaker, The Emotionless Robot, The Monotonous Plodder, and The Bedroom Technician and the sex God. we also learnt about The 4 Principles of Amazing Sex Dominance, Emotion, Variety, Immersion. And finally The Continuously Orgasmic State.



The power of your subconscious mind _ 5 Most Important Lessons _ Joseph Murphy (AudioBook summary)

  • Book Name - The power of your subconscious min
  • Book Author - Joseph Murphy
  • Summarized - Vick Simon
  • Voiced - UyohUyoh
 The power of your subconscious mind by Joseph Murphy, Summarized by Vick Simon and voiced by Uyoh Uyoh. Some time ago, I needed the service of a professional whom I was going to hire to perform a media related task. It was a little difficult for me to get the right person because the skills the task required. At a point I decided to engage my subconscious mind, suddenly I remembered a young lady we had worked together before. I looked for her contact but ounch, I couldn’t get anyone who knows her contact. I then focus my mind on getting her and giving her the job. Somehow, couples of days later she appeared at our office. That looks magical? Probably not. You can call it law of attraction or whatever you think it, the truth is, our mind is far more power than many of us realize.

The First Lesson in the power of your subconscious mind is; Your subconscious mind is powerful enough to create your desired life, use it well. By the way, if this is your first time on our channel, welcome and consider subscribing because we’ll help you to read all the world’s best books under 7 minutes.

The Second Lesson. King Solomon is considered to be the wisest man of his time, yet he “As a Man Thinketh in his Heart so He is” One of the main factors that keep people poor is; they are not able to feed their minds with positive thoughts. This could be interpreted to mean that a man who thinks he is poor will be poor and a man who thinks he’s rich will certainly be rich. I know a lot of people who blame their parents, the government and anybody they can blame for their poverty, but the same people waste their time consuming news, watching the TV and playing games on their mobile phone. An average American read one meaningful book per year and that’s even in the America. Average adult in the world rarely read good book nor do they feed their minds with positive thoughts to feed their subconscious minds, which would lead to their lives producing positive results like wealth and success. Warren Buffet is one of the richest men in the world and one of his famous quotes is “I always knew I was going to be rich. I don't think I ever doubted it for a minute”. This is not peculiar to Warren. All successful people are positive thinkers.

The second important lesson in the power of your subconscious mind is; If you want to be successful and rich in life, fill your life with positive thoughts. Me and one of my friends were having one of our regular businesses brainstorming sessions when he told me about his financial goal. However, before then he had told me about how he was telling someone else about his previous financial goals and the person doubted him. Have you shared your goals with doubting Thomas before? I’ll like to know in the comment. One major thing my friend knows how to use more than anyone I know is the ability to set and visualize his goals. Visualizing your goals propels your subconscious mind towards the ingredients that will be used to achieve such goals. If you enter my friend’s room for instance, you will see his goals posted on the walls of his room. This is to help him in visualize his goals. In other to achieve anything significant in life, you have to be able to visualize your goals with passion, go as far as printing those goals and pasting them where you will see them every day and night, so that you’ll be conscious of what your life’s missions are.

The Third Lesson, in the power of your subconscious mindis; 2017/2018 season has been a great season for the Pep Guardiola led Manchester city football team, they started the season strong and they have broken a record to be the first Premiership team to get a hundred point in a season. One of the toughest marches they had was against their arch rivals Manchester united, in fact, if they had won that march, they would have been crowned the king of the season. However, after the first half,the united was losing 2 nil, the players entered the dressing room and there came the opportunity Jose Mourinho, the coach of the Manchester United was waiting for to turn the fortune of his team around Mourinho had to speak to the hearts of his players not to allow fear ruin their reputation. One of the Manchester United players who revealed this after the march said that Mourinho told them how they would just look like clowns watch their arch rival collect the trophy. With those words, they were able to replace their fears with positive thoughts and eventually win the game.

The Fourth Lesson, in the power of your subconscious mind is, To succeed in life,you must replace your fears with positive thoughts. I heard the story of a woman who was fired by her boss. This lady was a prophet of doom and she predicted her own sack with her mouth. It happened that as she was going home on a Friday, she jokingly said she could be fired soon, and guess what? She was fired the next week after she made the joke. This sounds superstitious? Maybe, but you see, most at times, we attract to our lives, whatever we allow to dominate our thoughts. Maybe you don’t believe in the law of attraction, but, if you look objectively at your life, you’ll see obviously that your life is nothing but the combination of your dominating thoughts.

The Fifth Lesson, in the power of your subconscious mind is; Your dominant thoughts will determine your success or failure in life.

Now, Let’s Discuss What lessons do you think I missed in this book? What points would you like to add? Which other good books would you like our team to summarize next? We love to receive your comments. If you love this summary, our team will be VERY happy if you can like this article and share it with your friends on social media.



FU Money by Dan Lok > Book Summary

  • Book Name - FU Money
  • Book Author - Dan Lok
Dan Lok is a multimillionaire serial entrepreneur, and one of the most engaging public speakers I've ever come across. His social media presence is growing fast. And his book F.U. Money is a book I've read multiple times, and loved it even more than the classis Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. There is a hidden message on the book cover, can you see it? Now, let's dive into the article where I share my favourite lessons that you can apply to your own life, so you can as much money as you damn well want, and live your life as you damn well please.

First lesson. What's F.U. money, and why does it matter? F.U. money is the enough is enough number. When you get to a point when you don't have to take from anybody. When you make enough money that you're able to say you to anyone, anywhere, including your boss, without consequence, it's freedom. How much F.U. money do you need to make to live your dream lifestyle?

Lesson two, your magic number. The reason you're not making the kind of money that you want, and the reason you're not working the amount of hours you want is because you have not made it a point to continually increase the worth of your time. Ask yourself how much money you want to make this year. Let's say six figures, so 100K. Now, let's say you work eight hours a day 220 days a year, that's 1,760 hours a year. Now, take 100K, and divide it by 1,760 hours, that's about $57 dollars. To get your magic number take $57 and multiply it by 3 to allow for unproductive hours versus productive hours. We multiply it by three because you need to be real with yourself. Not all your eight hours in a day are productive ones, so to make 100K a year each of your hours has to be worth $171. So why the hell would you spend an hour mowing the lawn. It costs your $171 to do that when you could hire someone to do it for 20 bucks. I have a bunch of Podcast episodes to be edited, but it takes a lot of time, so I applied Dan's advice, and hired one of my subscribers who was over the moon to do it for 40 bucks. I'm using that time to work on projects for clients that are earning me 10 times more, and beyond, for the same amount of time invested. So, what's your magic number?

Lesson three, hit ya' dig. Have weekly, monthly, and annual income goals, but focus on hitting your dig, or daily income goal. Why wait until the end of the month to see whether you're on track. If you focus on hitting your daily income goal, then that ensures you're hitting your weekly, monthly, and annual goals.

Lesson four, condition your mind to be comfortable with your F.U. money. One of the most bizarre things I learned from Dan was that you can ride in a stretch limo for just twice the price of a taxi, not too much if you think about it. I thought only millionaires could do that until I tried it out myself on my trip to Sydney. Stepping into a limousine by myself felt strange, but it showed me that my grandiose ideas of a luxury lifestyle are closer to reality than I thought. I took things a step further and spent an uncomfortable amount on a luxury executive suite at the Hilton Hotel after I heard Dan would hang out in the lobbies of hotels in his younger years. It was a surreal feeling walking around with businessmen in suits, and well dressed families while stuffing myself in the endless supply of gourmet treats. It felt like I was in a movie. So, coming out of those experiences showed me what's possible, but the unexpected lesson was that it also gave me more clarity on what I want and what I don't want. A luxurious hotel room isn't all it's cracked up to be without somebody to share it with. And, for me, a limousine is completely unnecessary in comparison to a less expensive, but still comfortable sedan. The key takeaway here is to put yourself in uncomfortable situations, so you can become comfortable with the opportunities that your F.U. money will bring you. You'll be more likely to get it when your mind is conditioned this way.

Fifth lesson, in Dan's own words, most of your customers suck. Now, I know that sounds brutal, but stay with me here. Generally speaking, 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your clients. The other 80% are not the right fit for you. In my own experience I have taken on a client who was pleasant to work with, but I completely undersold myself. I was simultaneously working with another client who I also enjoyed working with. But I was earning literally six times more for the same amount of time and effort. That's when I realised you don't have to start with low-paying clients. You can start serving high-paying clients from the get-go if you position yourself correctly. You're doing yourself and them a disservice by serving low-quality or low-paying clients. Clients are replaceable, your time is not. Getting clients isn't actually difficult when you figure it out. I can now score a new high-quality client within 24 hours. To do this I've learned to use a stack of principles from Dan's other book, Influence! 47 Forbidden Psychological Tactics You Can Use to Motivate, Influence and Persuade Your Prospect. So spend no more time serving clients or customers you don't want.

The final lesson, the market you sell to is more important than the products or services you sell. Now, the reason this channel grew to over 120K subscribers was because I served a market need, which was, and is animated book summaries like this one. I knew the market wanted it because there were channels like Fight Mediocrity who were making animated book summaries and getting a tonne of views. So when he stopped posting videos there was a hungry market waiting for more, so I ended up filling the gap. As the old saying goes, "There's no need to re-invent the wheel." The same can be applied to making sales. A simple search on Amazon or can show you what the market is already buying, so sell what's already being bought.

These were my favourite lessons from F.U. Money by Dan Lok. In lesson one we learned what F.U. money is and why it matters. To get our F.U. money we learned that we need to be taking actions that adhere to our magic number. We also learned that we should be focusing on our daily income goal instead of weekly, monthly, and annual goals. And lesson four, we learned the importance of putting ourselves in uncomfortable situations to condition our mind to be comfortable with our F.U. money lifestyle. And lesson five, we learned that 80% of your customers or clients are not the right fit for you, so you should stop serving them. And, last of all, we learned that the market you sell to is more important than the products or services you sell. If you learned something from this article be sure to check out Dan's website. For a limited time you can also download F.U. Money for free by heading to .



Models by Mark Manson > Book Summary

  • Book Name - Models
  • Book Author - Mark Manson

An honest guide to attracting women without faking behaviour, without lying, and without copying others. This is a summary of Models by Mark Manson.

Part 1: Reality What Are Women Attracted To? The answer? Social status. Women desire men who are more powerful, successful, and popular than they are. If they believe you have the potential to be extremely successful whether you are successful or not, it will spark attraction. It’s your behaviour that communicates your social status, not being Brad Pitt. It’s why the starving artist has no trouble finding a girlfriend. The second attraction trigger is being desired. Being physically assertive with a girl instead of just standing next to her like a platonic dingbat is a huge step you can take to spark her attraction. The next is true confidence. True confidence is being less invested in other people’s perceptions of you than in your perception of yourself. Women subconsciously detect it. Not having it will cause you to seek validation from others. To build your true confidence, you have to invest in yourself. A major contributor to confidence is the ability to be vulnerable. Not the petty complain, wine, and cry to your girlfriend kind-of-vulnerability. It’s the ability to put yourself out there and go ‘I don’t care what you think of me, this is who I am, and I am OK with it’. Cold approaching a beautiful woman and saying “Hi, I was nervous to come to talk to you but I had to do it because I think you are cute”. That’s being vulnerable. In the pick up community you may be told that you are giving away your power but Manson disagrees. Because if you hide your attraction or nervousness, she senses that as a lack of authenticity. Another contributor to true confidence is setting boundaries. Being willing to walk-away because she doesn’t meet your standards is incredibly attractive.

Part 2: Strategy Polarization Everything that is attractive is polarizing. To polarize is to make a stand in one direction. If you agree with everything a girl says to you because you want her to like you, then you are not making a stand for yourself. There are 3 categories of women: receptive, neutral, and unreceptive. Unreceptive women are typically a waste of your time. Neutral women will very quickly either become receptive or unreceptive. You have a window of opportunity to polarize her with your behavior. Take an action that forces her to make a decision like flirting with her or asking her out on a date. You’ve got nothing to lose because if you don’t make a move, she will become unreceptive. But if you make a move, you have a chance with her. Receptive women are already sexually attracted to you. A few signs she is receptive is if she approaches you, touches you, makes strong eye contact with you, gives you her number, or introduces you to her friends. But this is rare, it’s usually up to you to make the first move. The key to get better with women faster than you thought possible, is to always gauge the interaction and how the girl is feeling. “The percentage of women who are receptive to you increases proportionally to the quality of your lifestyle, your social status and your looks. Rejection.

The first step to overcoming rejection is to accept that you will get rejected. It usually has nothing to do with you. She may have a boyfriend. She may be flying to China tomorrow. Maybe her dog just died so she doesn’t feel like talking tonight. These events are outside of your control. If you only experience rejection every time you approach, it’s likely because you are not near your truth. You lack self-awareness of your own needs and desires, and carry emotional baggage with you. You also lack an ability to integrate feedback. So if you keep trying a technique and it constantly fails, you need to examine why and decide if you’ll do something differently next time. Redefining Success If you don’t define success with women the right way, you will waste years of effort. A trap is to measure your success by metrics like flake percentages, rejection rates, and lay counts. One of my dating mentors said he would be so focused on lay counts that his whole dating life revolved around his list of girls he banged to fuel his ego, instead of enjoying the experience. Manson suggests you redefine success as maximizing happiness with whichever woman or women you prefer. The 3 Fundamentals Now let’s learn the 3 fundamentals that will help you find your truth and become more confident.

  1. Honest Living: Creating an attractive and enriching lifestyle.
  2. Honest Action: Overcoming your fears and anxiety around women.
  3. Honest Communication: Mastering the expression of your emotions and communicating fluidly.

We will learn honest living in the article, and the other 2 are written on my new blog

Part 3: Honest Living Demographics Ask yourself, “Which women do I want to meet and what kind of relationship do I want with them?” To be successful with the type of woman you want, you need to understand context. It’s rarely mentioned in the dating world but it’s absolutely critical. Picture a 40-year-old divorced banker meeting a woman at a museum and an 18-year-old college kid sneaking into a house party to see a girl. Giving them the same advice is stupid. The men have different priorities, life experiences, personalities, and interests. Women in these locations will also be drastically different. Beliefs and Self-Selection. If you believe all women are sluts and untrustworthy, then you will only attract women who are sluts and untrustworthy. If you believe women are beautiful with exciting personalities… you get the picture... Age, Money, Looks. They matter. Not a lot, but they still matter and anybody who tells you otherwise is lying or ignorant. You don’t have control over your age but us men are lucky because our physical attractiveness peaks at 31 but for women it’s 21. Money you do have control over, it just takes a different way of thinking, execution, and patience to get out of a crappy financial situation. And looks you have a huge amount of control over. Studies show that style, grooming, and how you present yourself is more important than your physical dimensions like your oddly shaped jaw-line. Heck you can even disguise your oddly shaped jawline by growing and trimming a beard in a particular way. Race and The Foreigner Effect. You can automatically increase your attraction by going to another country where you are considered exotic. As I speak right now, I am in Colombia and get many positive reactions from women when I cold approach them, partly because I am considered exotic. Attracting The Top 1%. The top 1% of beautiful women in the world rarely settle for a man who is not the whole package. They are more receptive as to whether you are confident or not, and 99% of men desire them whereas regular women are desired by 50% of men. To attract them, stop caring about how beautiful they are, and talk about anything with her apart from her looks. There’s not that much difference between them and other women except your own thoughts about them. How to Be Attractive Appearance Start grooming and maintaining yourself. That means showering, shaving, wearing deodorant, and brushing your teeth. It’s not hard. Wear clothes that match, clothes that fit, and clothes that match your personality. And get in shape. When you do these things, your dating life will literally become 3x easier. Body Language Stand straight with your shoulders back. When you are out on the street, look people in the eye and maintain eye contact until they break it. It may feel weird at first, but this will train you to be more aware of people’s reactions to you. Vocal Tonality Speak LOUDER. And also speak from your chest, not from your mouth. This will make your voice deeper. Do this fun exercise with me: Say “Why don’t you come to the party with me?” Now, hold your nose and say it again, “Why don’t you come to the party with me?”. Did your voice change? If not, you probably already speak from your chest. But if you sound nasal, then you need to work on speaking from your chest. How to Be a Fascinating Person Most guys come off as just another guy. To become more interesting, develop artistic taste, try new things, and have strong opinions. So when a girl says “What is your favourite movie?” And you don’t have an answer or you just say “Everything” - That’s boring. Practice articulating why you like or don’t like a movie and share that strong opinion with her. Now you have the theory. But how can you actually attract the girl of your dreams into your life in 2019? The answer is execution with mentorship. I literally had zero dating experience in May this year. And in less than 8 weeks I was seeing amazing results. I now I have the skill-set to attract an abundance of girls into my life and a huge part of my quick growth was mentorship.

Today we learnt about: 
Part 1: Reality What women are attracted to: Social status Being desired True Confidence With true confidence being made up of vulnerability and setting boundaries

Part 2: Strategy Polarization The 3 categories of women which are unreceptive, neutral, and receptive. And we also learnt about overcoming rejection.

Part 3: Honest Living - We dived into demographics which is made up of beliefs and self-selection. Age, money, and looks, race and the foreigner effect, and attracting the top 1%. We also learned how to be attractive. Appearance - Which is made up of grooming and how you dress. Body language, vocal tonality, and how to be a fascinating person.



The Rational Male by Rollo Tomassi > Book Summary

  • Book Name - The Rational Male
  • Book Author - Rollo Tomassi

Strap yourselves in because after reading this article, everything you thought you knew about relationships with women is about to be turned upside-down. This is The Rational Male by Rollo Tomassi.  Picture this, You're a 23-year-old guy and you've just fallen into a relationship with a hot girl. You tell yourself you got lucky. It's three months in and everything is going great. She brings you gifts, has sex with you three times a week, and turns away guys hitting on her. But over the next month she begins paying less attention to you. The sex drops. She dresses up and goes out more often and gets angry at you for seemingly no reason. She no longer brings you gifts. She doesn't tell you she loves you, and she embraces the attention she gets from other guys. What the hell is going on here? Most guys would say women are just confusing, but that's bullshit. There is a rational explanation for her behaviour thanks to red pill philosophy. When women hop into a relationship with you, they see it as joining you on a rollercoaster ride with you as the leader. Soon they discover that you aren't leading. You try extra hard to please her by saying yes to everything she wants because you think you are being a loving boyfriend. You start skipping gym sessions, hang out with your friends less, and your goals are going to shit. The relationship dynamic results in you becoming a slave to her and this she finds extremely unattractive. To avoid these common relationship problems, Tomassi has compiled nine iron rules that are based on thousands of experiences of guys who have completely transformed their relationships.

Kicking it off with Iron Rule Nine: Never Seriously Self-Deprecate With a Woman You Intend to Be With. If you were a douchebag on a date, don't text her later saying, "Hey Stacey, I thought about what you said to me "and I have been really douchey lately. "I think back to our first date "and realise how much of a reject I was. "I hope we can start hanging out again "because I enjoy your company." This is needy, self-deprecating, and a cry for sympathy. When you act like a douchebag, own your douchebag-ness. Be the fun, nothing-is-a-big-deal douchebag. And start being less apologetic. There are situations where it makes sense to sincerely apologise, but do it with confidence and without expecting her sympathy.

Iron Rule Eight: Always Let a Woman Figure Out Why She Won't (bleep) You, Never Do It For Her. You see a hot girl and you think to yourself, "She's out of my league". Well congratulations, you just let the girl figure out why she won't (bleep) you and you haven't even opened your mouth! The idea of leagues is an illusion. If you are part of the pick up community, you know that nines and 10's are typically glass cannons. Guys value appearance and her appearance is her identity. When that identity is challenged, she loses it. That's why the pickup guys will act like they don't care when they are around beautiful girls. The girls are used to having droves of beta boys drooling over them, so when a guy ignores them or makes a cheesy remark about their appearance, they lose their minds along with their virginity for the night.

Iron Rule Seven: It Is Always Time and Effort Better Spent Developing Relations With New, Fresh, Prospective Women Than It Ever Will Be In Attempting to Reconstruct a Failed Relationship. The fact that she cheated on you or you were the optionless beta chump that had to beg her back will always be the elephant in the room. Time is better spent on a new prospective woman. You may be tempted to get her back because she is your soul mate. But soul mates are a lie. You have one-itis which is an unhealthy romantic obsession with a single person. A narrative you've been sold by Disney movies. There really are more fish in the sea.

Iron Rule Six: Women are Fundamentally Incapable of Loving a Man In The Way That a Man Expects To Be Loved By a Woman. It's time to let go of another fairytale: unconditional love. You believe that love matters for the sake of it whereas women love opportunistically. You want to be loved for who you are so you try to build your relationship into one where she loves you according to your concept, but it never happens. A guy imbued with this false belief can't tell when she no longer loves him so it's no wonder he freaks out when she breaks up with him. You can try to convince her to keep the relationship going, but you cannot force her to love you.

Iron Rule Five: Never Allow a Woman To Be In Control of The Birth. Imagine you wake up to the girl you banged last night, only to see her removing your used condom from the trash and impregnating herself with your semen. In 2002 the NBA issued a controversial warning to pro basketball players stating that the players be advised to wear condoms when having sexual intercourse with women when on road games and to flush the condom down the toilet in order to dispose of the semen. This warning was the result of multiple paternity suits involving women who had slept with the players. If you do everything in your power to avoid a pregnancy, even if the woman impregnates herself with your used condom from the trash, you are still liable for that pregnancy. Say goodbye to your money, your house, and your soul. Always use a condom and don't rely on her taking the pill.

Iron Rule Four: Never Under Any Circumstance Live With a Woman You Aren't Married To Or Are Not Planning To Marry Within Six Months You are utterly powerless in this situation. If you live with a woman you may as well be married because upon doing so every liability and accountability of marriage is then in effect. Moving in with your girlfriend is an attractive option. You save money on rent and believe you'll get a consistent supply of pussy. But then you commit to living with your girlfriend and you notice a significant decrease in her sexual availability and desire. Competitive anxiety and sexual tension is removed. She can now comfortably relax that she is your only source of sexual intimacy. She's in the perfect position to negotiate the terms of her desire in exchange for a living arrangement. You lose your two most valuable resources: options and the ability to manoeuvre.

Iron Rule Three: Any Woman Who Makes You Wait For Sex, Or By Her Actions Implies She Is Making You Wait For Sex; The Sex is Never Worth The Wait. If your girlfriend wants to (bleep) you she will find a way to (bleep) you, not make you wait until your birthday. If you are single and haven't had sex by the fifth date, then pack your bags and move on.

Iron Rule Two: Never, Under Pain of Death, Honestly Or Dishonestly Reveal The Number of Women You've Slept With Or Explain Any Detail of Your Sexual Experiences With Them To a Current Lover. Law Four of the 48 Laws of Power is Always Say Less than Necessary. Law 17 is Cultivate an Air of Mystery. By telling her how many girls you've slept with, you are breaking both laws and thus giving away your power. Keeping it to yourself plants a seed of competition anxiety in her and stokes her imagination. By revealing your previous sexual partners, you also give her ammo to use in a future argument.

And lastly Iron Rule Number One: Frame Is Everything. Always Be Aware of The Subconscious Balance of Who's Frame In Which You Are Operating. Always control the frame, but resist giving the impression that you are. Are you operating in her reality or is she operating in yours? Ideally you want her to be operating in your reality, aka, your frame. This gives you power. If you are trying to convince her to like you or have sex with you, you are operating in her frame. When girls shit test you, they are seeing if your frame is legit. For example, I bet you have a small (bleep) Clarence. Strong-framed Clarence will react unphased or may jokingly agree. Weak-framed Clarence will get offended or try to justify his (bleep) size. Men with social proof and those who accept a woman's hypergamous nature have little difficulty in establishing frame. When you enter a relationship either you will enter her reality or she will enter yours. Which will it be?

Today we discussed the nine iron rules of Tomassi.
  1. Nine, Never Seriously Self-Deprecate With a Woman You Intend to Be With. 
  2. Eight, Always Let a Woman Figure Out Why She Won't (bleep) You, Never Do It For Her. 
  3. Seven, It Is Always Time and Effort Better Spent Developing Relations With New, Fresh, Prospective Women Than It Will Ever Be In Attempting to Reconstruct a Failed Relationship. 
  4. Six, Women are Fundamentally Incapable of Loving a Man In The Way That a Man Expects To Be Loved By a Woman.
  5. Five, Never Allow a Woman To Be In Control of The Birth. 
  6. Four, Never Live With a Woman You Aren't Married To Or Are Not Planning To Marry In Within Six Months. 
  7. Three, Any Woman Who Makes You Wait For Sex, Or By Her Actions Implies She Is Making You Wait For Sex; The Sex is Never Worth The Wait. 
  8. Two, Never Reveal The Number of Women You've Slept With Or Explain Any Detail of Your Sexual Experiences With a Current Lover.
  9. One, Frame Is Everything.



The 50th Law by Robert Greene and 50 Cent > Book Summary

  • Book Name - The 50th Law
  • Book Author - Robert Greene

Hey Guys! Today I'm write a summary for you every single chapter of the book The 50th Law by Robert Greene. So have a good time!

1.See things for what they are. 
One of the greatest problems we face in our lives is that we tend to be often naive. We think we know everything, we defend everything we believe. We go into the arguments as we are 100% confident of every single word that comes out of our mouth. This has created an illusion in our minds that we don't need to confirm if what we know is right or wrong when the reality can be completely different. Because of this conflict between our perception and a different reality, we started living in a fantasy that we have created in our minds and became afraid of facing the reality. Reality is harsher than you think. It takes constant effort to keep yourself up in this competitive world. Your job is not close your mind to this harsh reality but rather face it fearlessly.

2. Make everything your own. 
When you work for others, you are at their mercy. They own your work. What keeps you in such position is the fear of failure if you move on your own. But what you should be more afraid is to remain dependent on others. Your goal in every aspect of life should be ownership, working to build up what will remain yours at the end, and not fade aways in the hands of others. When it's yours, you are more motivated and more creative to build it. Dependency is the habit that's easy to acquire, especially when we live in the world that offers all kind of dependencies: drugs to ease your stress, pleasure to kill your time, and jobs just to keep you above the water. Remember that you came into this life with only things that ever matter: your body, your time, your energy, and ideas that are unique to you. With them along you have the ability to create everything that you desire. In the world that's governed by self interest where everyone thinks of themselves first you cannot depend on others for your own success.

3. Turn shit into sugar. 
Events in life are not negative or positive. They are completely neutral. Things just happen and it's your mind that chooses to understand them as negative or positive. And because you have fears within you, your mind naturally interprets the obstacles on your way as something negative. And you start exaggerating problems that you face. If someone harms you, you focus on what you might lose of money or position, rather than what you might gain of knowledge and experience, without realising that you are making the situation even worse. Every negative situation contains the possibility for something positive. It's how you look at it that makes the difference. Your lack of resources can be an advantage, forcing you to be more creative with the little that you have got. Don't let fears make you wait for a better moment. If there are circumstances you cannot control, just make the best out of them. It's the ultimate way to transform all what might seem negative into your advantage.

4. Keep moving.
In the 2000s the music industry was faced by the digital piracy. Most of the business executives could only think of somehow maintaining their monopoly on ownership and distribution. They were incapable of adapting to the changes so they were destroyed by it. This hunger for control common to all of us is the root of so many problems in our life. Sticking to the same ideas and ways of doing things makes it much harder for us to adapt to the changes in life. Change is unavoidable so you have to accept it and move with it or you will lose everything in the long run. Every change brings with it equal opportunities and your goal should be to grasp it first rather than sticking to the past that becomes irrelevant.

5.Know when to be bad. 
In life you will always come across people who will seek to harm you in some way. Before it's too late you have to learn the art of knowing when to be bad and aggressive in order to respond to those who want to put you down. When we deal with aggressors, we're often quite naive thinking that they carry our interest in their mind. We want to believe that people are peaceful and desire for others what they desire for themselves but we often learn too late that's not the case. This mentality is the cause of many problems in our life. Keep in mind that we live in the world that everyone is driven by self interest and a lot of people are ready to occasionally lie and cheat to advance their interest. You must get over any fears that you have if you displease others and be aggressive with those that stand on your way.

6. Lead from the front. 
Leaders who stood out from the rest throughout the history, such as Napoleon Bonaparte or Winston Churchill, all had the quality of leading by an example. They can be seen by the troops at the head of the army exposing themselves to the same dangers as any other soldier. Leaders who work harder than anyone else, who practise what they preach, who are not afraid to be accountable for tough decisions or taking risks, will find that they have created a well of respect that will pay back greatly. If the leader is fearful and concerned for his ego and reputation, it spreads all across the group and makes effective action impossible. Complaining and yelling at people to work harder has a counterproductive effect. You must adopt the opposite style: lead with your actions and not words. When they see you're working harder than the rest, holding yourselves to the highest standards, taking risks with confidence and making tough decisions, it will inspire them to follow you till the end.

7. Know you environment from inside out.
Most people think first of what they want to express or make, and then they find the audience for their idea. But this approach often fails because people don't share the same thoughts that you do. Naturally when we meet different people we make the assumption that they want the same things that we want although that they may come from a completely different background. If you want to create something that resonates with people you have to take the opposite approach: thinking first of what the public wants. You have to keep your focus on their changing needs, the trends that they are following. Starting with their needs in mind you can create what they want exactly. Don't be afraid of people's criticism. Without a strong and critical feedback your work will not reach the masses. You must maintain a close relationship to your environment because that's your source of power.

8. Respect the process. 
The fools in life want things fast and easy: the money, success, attention. Whatever they manage to get fades aways through their hands as fast as it comes in. And that's because most people can't handle boredom. When we look at those who stand out in history, we tend to focus on their achievements. From such an angle it seems like their success comes from their genetics. But we are choosing to ignore the period of their lives that they have spent mastering their craft, the long hours of boring practise that requires intense focus. You must choose a career or a craft that excites you in some deep way. But pleasure and work should be the same for you. Your pleasure should come in mastering the process itself. You are building the foundation for something that can continue to expand. But to make this happen you have to go through the process of mastering.

9. Push beyond your limits. 
Frederick Douglass was born into slavery. The system of slavery was designed in every way to destroy his person's spirit. It kept the slaves ignorant and illiterate so that they only have the lowest opinions of themselves. Unlike other slaves Douglass refused to accept himself as a slave. From his earliest years he believed that he was worth much more. Several years later he managed to escape to the north where he became the freedom fighter fighting for the right of the slaves, always pushing against the limits that people tried to impose on him. People will constantly attack you in life. One of their main weapons will be to instil in you doubts about yourself, your worth and your abilities because they want to keep you down. Your sense of who you are will determine your actions of what you end up getting in life. If you see yourself helpless in the face of difficulties that it's better to keep your ambitions low, then you will get the little that you expect. That's why you have to always ask for more, aim high, and believe that you are destined for something great. With a rising confidence in your abilities you will take risks that will increase your chances of success.

10. Confront your mortality. 
That is something that we all try to avoid thinking about at any cause. So we distract our minds with daily routines and things that don't have much values in our life. Yes, sometimes we are reminded of death when someone close to us dies, but generally we have taken the idea of death from our daily concerns. We can choose to avoid thinking about death living with an illusion that we have all the time in the world. Or we can be honest with ourselves and face this reality, accept it, and even embrace it, converting it into something positive. With the idea of death in your mind you know what really matters in your life, you will be able to focus on what's truly important. So there is no way you will waste your time on worries and anxieties that have no meaning. Knowing your days are numbered you will have a sense of urgency to make the best out of every moment.