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  • Book Name - Perennial Seller
  • Book Author - Ryan Holiday
 So you want to create something big. You wanna write a New York Times best seller, sell millions of albums or have your artwork recognised, the artwork that you've spent hundreds of hours on. So how do we market and make our work last? I'm talking ACDC merch last.

But The First Lesson, is to get niche. This means tailoring your work to a very specific group of people, for example, this channel is for success driven individuals in their twenties, who appreciate the value of consuming books in less time and strive to make their lives 1% better. Now, I could hope on a camera like every 23 year old male and blab for 20 minutes about how everyone can find their life purpose in just three simple steps, but that wouldn't be getting niche. Keep in mind, it's still not a bad idea to have some content or part of your product that appeals to audiences apart from your core audience so you can extend your reach.

Lesson Two is that, 80% of marketing is building the best damn product possible. Make your work so damn good that it markets itself, a conversation between Elon Musk and Tai Lopez indicates that Elon is the fan of this strategy. Just take a look at his damn sexy Teslas, masterpieces! They're hard not to talk about, which brings us to the next lesson.

Lesson Three - Only one thing matters, word of mouth. According to a study by McKenzie, between 20% and 50% of all purchasing decisions, happen from some version of word of mouth and the study found that a high impact recommendation and emphatic endorsement from a trusted friend for example, converts a 50X the rate of low-impact word of mouth.

Lesson Four, be bold, brash and brave, it sounds simple but you gotta be willing to pursue your best or most unique idea. If most honest with themselves, their work is only a tiny bit better or different from what's already out there. Richard Dawkins is a perfect example of someone's whose been bold, brash and brave. He's the author of the God Delusion, a book that aims to convert religious people into atheists by using logically sound of verbiage. Regardless of your sides on the matter, the point here is that Richard has created a piece of work that continues to flourish over a decade after it's original publication because it was a bold idea to address a touchy topic and is perhaps the most comprehensive book you'll ever find on atheism.

Lesson Five, it's a big one. Nobody cares. Nobody cares about your work as much as you do. You are ultimately responsible for making shit happen. Many people would love just to be the creator, yeah, I get where you're coming from, I'd like it to be that way too but this is flat out unrealistic. Be prepared to get your hands dirty emailing influencers, testing Facebook ads and making those pesky phone calls. #introvertlyfe

Lesson six, get an outside voice. You may think your product is flawless but when you show it to your friend, Jimmy, you maybe surprised to hear him say, "mate, celery flavoured jello is the worst idea I've ever heard of." Yeah, that actually happened.

Lesson Seven, test, test, test, mothertrucker. Theodore, the guy behind the 900k subscriber YouTube channel, is a perfect example of someone who's vigorously tested what type of content garners attention. If you look at his old videos, you'll find that he tried out niche topics like polyphasic sleep cycles and intermittent fasting. He eventually found that topics on socialising and getting girls gained 10 times more attention, so he doubled down on that and grew extremely fast as a result. And what's even more impressive, is that Theodore has created something so valuable, that he's getting free promotion here on this channel by me mentioning him. Remember lesson two?

Lesson eight, give something away for free. Why not dish out your book to some trusted friends as review copies, you'll increase the likelihood of selling more in the long run because those initial reviews matter. If you were to ask people to first pay $25, well, you know, you'll just reduce the chances of success, okay? Get giving, just like I'm giving you the opportunity to click that big red, juicy subscribe button below.

Lesson nine, traditional PR is under-valued, start small. I'm talking about your local newspaper and their website. Call them up and show them a video of your epic skateboard fail, that happens to feature you flying off a custom board that you hand painted. You're gonna eventually work your way up to bigger outlets. I know this works because I spent my teenage years doing extreme unicycling and competitions. My mom would call up the local newspaper to brag about her son's achievements and they actually worked. Multiple times, from there I ended up getting on Australia's TV shows, Behind the News and Totally Wild.

The final lesson (Lesson Ten) is to create your own platform. You want access to your own audience. Sure, it's pretty sick getting a book deal, but with that, comes handing over a great deal of control. Why not begin building your own audience now and in particular, building an email list. I quote Ryan Holiday, "If I could give a prospective creative only one piece of advice, it would be this. Build a list." specifically, an email list. You can sign up to my email list to get three gold nuggets from the book I'm reading, A Tweak, I mean check out the lovely message my subscriber, Dylan sent me. "Dude, I read your Three Golden Nugget emails every week. They're really good in deciding whether or not a book is worthwhile reading. Know that your emails are worthwhile and a good treat to finish the week on. Cheers man." yeah, well, cheers man to you too Dylan. There's a link in the description if you wanna join. These were my favourite ideas from Perennial Seller by Ryan Holiday, let me know in the comments below, why you read this article? Are you like Dylan and wanna see if a book is worth reading? Or maybe, you just like the idea of getting a book in your brain in five minutes. Or maybe, you just love my saucy personality. Whatever it is, drop a comment below so I can make the best content possible for you, cheers.

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