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  • Book Name - The 50th Law
  • Book Author - Robert Greene

Hey Guys! Today I'm write a summary for you every single chapter of the book The 50th Law by Robert Greene. So have a good time!

1.See things for what they are. 
One of the greatest problems we face in our lives is that we tend to be often naive. We think we know everything, we defend everything we believe. We go into the arguments as we are 100% confident of every single word that comes out of our mouth. This has created an illusion in our minds that we don't need to confirm if what we know is right or wrong when the reality can be completely different. Because of this conflict between our perception and a different reality, we started living in a fantasy that we have created in our minds and became afraid of facing the reality. Reality is harsher than you think. It takes constant effort to keep yourself up in this competitive world. Your job is not close your mind to this harsh reality but rather face it fearlessly.

2. Make everything your own. 
When you work for others, you are at their mercy. They own your work. What keeps you in such position is the fear of failure if you move on your own. But what you should be more afraid is to remain dependent on others. Your goal in every aspect of life should be ownership, working to build up what will remain yours at the end, and not fade aways in the hands of others. When it's yours, you are more motivated and more creative to build it. Dependency is the habit that's easy to acquire, especially when we live in the world that offers all kind of dependencies: drugs to ease your stress, pleasure to kill your time, and jobs just to keep you above the water. Remember that you came into this life with only things that ever matter: your body, your time, your energy, and ideas that are unique to you. With them along you have the ability to create everything that you desire. In the world that's governed by self interest where everyone thinks of themselves first you cannot depend on others for your own success.

3. Turn shit into sugar. 
Events in life are not negative or positive. They are completely neutral. Things just happen and it's your mind that chooses to understand them as negative or positive. And because you have fears within you, your mind naturally interprets the obstacles on your way as something negative. And you start exaggerating problems that you face. If someone harms you, you focus on what you might lose of money or position, rather than what you might gain of knowledge and experience, without realising that you are making the situation even worse. Every negative situation contains the possibility for something positive. It's how you look at it that makes the difference. Your lack of resources can be an advantage, forcing you to be more creative with the little that you have got. Don't let fears make you wait for a better moment. If there are circumstances you cannot control, just make the best out of them. It's the ultimate way to transform all what might seem negative into your advantage.

4. Keep moving.
In the 2000s the music industry was faced by the digital piracy. Most of the business executives could only think of somehow maintaining their monopoly on ownership and distribution. They were incapable of adapting to the changes so they were destroyed by it. This hunger for control common to all of us is the root of so many problems in our life. Sticking to the same ideas and ways of doing things makes it much harder for us to adapt to the changes in life. Change is unavoidable so you have to accept it and move with it or you will lose everything in the long run. Every change brings with it equal opportunities and your goal should be to grasp it first rather than sticking to the past that becomes irrelevant.

5.Know when to be bad. 
In life you will always come across people who will seek to harm you in some way. Before it's too late you have to learn the art of knowing when to be bad and aggressive in order to respond to those who want to put you down. When we deal with aggressors, we're often quite naive thinking that they carry our interest in their mind. We want to believe that people are peaceful and desire for others what they desire for themselves but we often learn too late that's not the case. This mentality is the cause of many problems in our life. Keep in mind that we live in the world that everyone is driven by self interest and a lot of people are ready to occasionally lie and cheat to advance their interest. You must get over any fears that you have if you displease others and be aggressive with those that stand on your way.

6. Lead from the front. 
Leaders who stood out from the rest throughout the history, such as Napoleon Bonaparte or Winston Churchill, all had the quality of leading by an example. They can be seen by the troops at the head of the army exposing themselves to the same dangers as any other soldier. Leaders who work harder than anyone else, who practise what they preach, who are not afraid to be accountable for tough decisions or taking risks, will find that they have created a well of respect that will pay back greatly. If the leader is fearful and concerned for his ego and reputation, it spreads all across the group and makes effective action impossible. Complaining and yelling at people to work harder has a counterproductive effect. You must adopt the opposite style: lead with your actions and not words. When they see you're working harder than the rest, holding yourselves to the highest standards, taking risks with confidence and making tough decisions, it will inspire them to follow you till the end.

7. Know you environment from inside out.
Most people think first of what they want to express or make, and then they find the audience for their idea. But this approach often fails because people don't share the same thoughts that you do. Naturally when we meet different people we make the assumption that they want the same things that we want although that they may come from a completely different background. If you want to create something that resonates with people you have to take the opposite approach: thinking first of what the public wants. You have to keep your focus on their changing needs, the trends that they are following. Starting with their needs in mind you can create what they want exactly. Don't be afraid of people's criticism. Without a strong and critical feedback your work will not reach the masses. You must maintain a close relationship to your environment because that's your source of power.

8. Respect the process. 
The fools in life want things fast and easy: the money, success, attention. Whatever they manage to get fades aways through their hands as fast as it comes in. And that's because most people can't handle boredom. When we look at those who stand out in history, we tend to focus on their achievements. From such an angle it seems like their success comes from their genetics. But we are choosing to ignore the period of their lives that they have spent mastering their craft, the long hours of boring practise that requires intense focus. You must choose a career or a craft that excites you in some deep way. But pleasure and work should be the same for you. Your pleasure should come in mastering the process itself. You are building the foundation for something that can continue to expand. But to make this happen you have to go through the process of mastering.

9. Push beyond your limits. 
Frederick Douglass was born into slavery. The system of slavery was designed in every way to destroy his person's spirit. It kept the slaves ignorant and illiterate so that they only have the lowest opinions of themselves. Unlike other slaves Douglass refused to accept himself as a slave. From his earliest years he believed that he was worth much more. Several years later he managed to escape to the north where he became the freedom fighter fighting for the right of the slaves, always pushing against the limits that people tried to impose on him. People will constantly attack you in life. One of their main weapons will be to instil in you doubts about yourself, your worth and your abilities because they want to keep you down. Your sense of who you are will determine your actions of what you end up getting in life. If you see yourself helpless in the face of difficulties that it's better to keep your ambitions low, then you will get the little that you expect. That's why you have to always ask for more, aim high, and believe that you are destined for something great. With a rising confidence in your abilities you will take risks that will increase your chances of success.

10. Confront your mortality. 
That is something that we all try to avoid thinking about at any cause. So we distract our minds with daily routines and things that don't have much values in our life. Yes, sometimes we are reminded of death when someone close to us dies, but generally we have taken the idea of death from our daily concerns. We can choose to avoid thinking about death living with an illusion that we have all the time in the world. Or we can be honest with ourselves and face this reality, accept it, and even embrace it, converting it into something positive. With the idea of death in your mind you know what really matters in your life, you will be able to focus on what's truly important. So there is no way you will waste your time on worries and anxieties that have no meaning. Knowing your days are numbered you will have a sense of urgency to make the best out of every moment.

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