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  • Book Name - Sex God Method
  • Book Author - Daniel Rose

When’s the last time a woman thanked you for giving her a mind-blowing orgasm? 99% of women will only ever experience average or below average sex. And whether you like it or not, 90% of having amazing sex is the man’s responsibility and 10% a woman’s. Sex God Method by Daniel Rose was written to wake us men up to the fact that most of us perform poorly in the bedroom and we are missing out on cultivating one of the most incredible life experiences. Religion, society, parents, feminism, ignorance and other influences have put ideas into your head that lead to poor performance in the bedroom By reading this article to the end, you will learn the key ideas of Sex God Method that you can use to break free from your sexual insecurities and give a girl multiple mind-blowing orgasms that will leave her begging you for more…

First lets learn about the 5 sexual archetypes. Try to identify which one you are.

ARCHETYPE 1: The Perpetual Lovemaker The most popular archetype in the world. The beta provider. The nice guy. He doesn’t take risks and is not the man a woman fantasizes about. He doesn’t “fuck” a woman, he “makes love” to her. When trying something new in bed he won’t just do it, he will ask for permission. His women are sexually unsatisfied which often results in arguing, withholding sex, neuroticism, and cheating.

ARCHETYPE 2: The Emotionless Robot The non-reactive guy who is able to pick up chicks but when it comes to sex, he brings his non-reactivity and emotionlessness with him which makes for a platonic, passionless sexual experience. He is afraid to open himself up emotionally to a woman.

ARCHETYPE 3: The Monotonous Plodder He will have great sex multiple times with a girl and she will develop strong emotions for him. Once he is in a relationship with her and the honeymoon period is over, the sex goes down hill. The woman loses interest and breaks up with him because he did not add any variety in the sexual relationship.

ARCHETYPE 4: The Bedroom Technician He frequents online forums to share his dope new ways to hit her G-spot. For him sex is all about angles, inches, and positions. He thinks too much and forgets that psychological stimulation is much more important than physical stimulation. All of these archetypes suck in comparison to the

Archetype 5: The Sex God.

It’s time to learn the 4 principles of amazing sex so you can achieve sex god status.

PRINCIPLE 1: Dominance Stop being a pussy. Lead. It’s mostly your responsibility for cultivating an amazing sexual experience with your woman. Stop asking for permission for every little move and just do shit. Throw her in the position you want her, tug her hair, choke her, spank her. Women want to be dominated. They want to surrender to you. Now of course, don’t be stupid about it. A hard no is a hard no. And it’s not a bad idea to setup a clause where if the woman says a certain word, then you know when to discontinue your actions.

PRINCIPLE 2: Emotion You know that women experience emotion stronger than men. There is a reason women love drama. It stimulates them. They love to FEEL things. That’s what the world’s top pickup artists know. They stimulate her emotions and it drives her wild. Stimulate her emotions in the bedroom by leading, dirty talking, role-playing, and being spontaneous. For women, psychological and emotional stimulation is much more important than physical stimulation.

PRINCIPLE 3: Variety Change things up. Fuck spontaneously in an alley. Throw her on the kitchen bench. Make her give you a blow-job during your lunch-break at work. Do slow sex the first time, rough sex the next. The key is to never get into a pattern where she knows what is coming next.

PRINCIPLE 4: Immersion Often technical thoughts will enter your mind and interrupt your ability to fully let go. Let go of your mental chatter so you can be in the moment. Emotions leads to better stamina and a richer experience. Meditation can help you cultivate the ability to let go. It can also be helpful to let go of the expectations that you MUST make either yourself or her orgasm.

And finally The Continuously Orgasmic State Putting a woman into this state is the mark of a sex god. When she is in this state, she experiences multiple orgasms that merge into a continuous blurry stream of pure ecstasy. You can get her into this state by applying the lessons in this post.

Today we learnt about: The 4 Archetypes: The Perpetual Lovemaker, The Emotionless Robot, The Monotonous Plodder, and The Bedroom Technician and the sex God. we also learnt about The 4 Principles of Amazing Sex Dominance, Emotion, Variety, Immersion. And finally The Continuously Orgasmic State.

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